Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tips to Speed Up Cleaning your Garden

Nobody likes to clean the garden, well almost nobody! Its messy, dirty, takes a lot of effort and is generally an under appreciated job. But with these tips you can speed it right along and get it over before you even know you began.




Make sure you are fully stocked on everything you need so you should never run out. Starting your cleaning and going to bin the leaves and finding no bin liners is unbearable to think of! (Okay so maybe I am exaggerating but i had to get my point across!) . The best thing to do is make sure you put all your garden tools in a carefully laid out fashion so you can grab one after the other in the order you need.

Be organised


This is just as important as the number one rule (which you will find out shortly). Make sure you know where everything you’re going to need is. Keep it all in one cupboard and make sure once you have used it you have put it back. Being organised is one of the best things you can do when it comes to garden cleaning.

Be Quick but Effective


This one might seem a little complicated but I assure you it is easy. As long as you have all your supplies you will fly through your garden waste. Don’t spend too long on one thing. Make sure you do it quickly but don’t rush it. The objective here is to clean quickly remember!

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