Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cleaning Up All The Bugs in Your Home

We are at that time of year again. Yup that time of year where everywhere we look there is bugs. We go to get a glass of water there is a fly, we go to bed there is a moth or we go to have bath there is a spider. But just how are we going to clean up this problem?
Well too start off I cannot highly recommend enough getting a professional pest control agency in to set up preventive measures. i happen to know a company who provide fantastic pest control in Warrington and pest control in Wigan but you may not be able to afford/want this.

The other thing you do is a quick tip I picked up from a friend in Spain who used this homemade recipe on mosquitoes.

Get an empty spray bottle.

Fill it with 85 percent water and 15 percent orange oil.

Spray on locations that you think bugs go often and on bugs.

Not only does this kill bugs but prevents them going in certain locations and orange oil is most certainly not dangerous so your in the clear in that regard.

The only factor is do not get the orange oil in your eyes. That will sting like you wouldn't believe!

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